Month: April 2024

SHF Webinar – How to Measure Net Zero?

Federal climate change policy and the National Building Code (NBC) are targeting Net Zero Energy Ready new homes and buildings by 2030.  Local Ontario Green Building Standards are referencing the NBC 2020 step code Tier 4 and 5 or Zero Rated Home. How does this relate to current OBC prescriptions for energy performance, Energy Star or higher? The long-awaited Super Semi Demonstration Project report sheds light on this topic and raises important questions. How do we measure zero energy carbon based on a standards approach. Do Net Zero energy houses actually perform as modelled and intended to? Where is the point of diminishing marginal returns for envelope improvements? Do solar arrays on homes make sense without battery storage? How do the existing OBC prescriptions like Package A1 stand up against the Paris Accord and COP28? Lastly, how will this effect Environmental Social Governance (ESG) for builders if they are building houses to the bare minimum? Thank you to all who joined via zoom for John, Paul and Christian thought-provoking session on April 10th 2024.