Month: October 2022

Filling the Gap Think Tank

Sustainable Housing
Monday December 5th 5 PM to 7 PM Reception and Discussion

Hawthorn Room, The Thornhill Club

Join members of the Sustainable Housing Foundation Board as they share their vision for how to “Fill the Gap” in meeting carbon reduction in the home building industry – and share your own ideas with them. We are hosting a cocktail reception at the Thornhill Club from 5 PM to 7 PM on Monday December 5, 2022.

Help us set the Agenda for our upcoming winter learning sessions as we prioritize ideas such as:

  • Future fuels- including hydrogen;
  • Embodied carbon – what it means for builders;
  • Connected buildings and neighbourhood grids;
  • How to create reasonable targets for carbon reduction;
  • Structural design efficiencies for sustainability and resiliency;
  • Finding the skilled trades needed;
  • Home energy management systems;
  • Global warming products for the construction industry.

Pre-registration is required but there is no cost to attend for invited guests. Help us re-introduce our in-person networking events where builders, designers, energy auditors and product manufacturers can share ideas on how to build more Sustainable Housing.