Month: June 2019

Carbon Tax? What does it mean for the building industry?

carbon tax

With the Federal election coming this fall,  we hosted an industry event looking at what the various carbon tax/ cap and trade policies mean to the building industry. How do the mechanics of carbon taxing work in Canada? How much of an impact can the home building industry make?  What happens to the money collected and how will it affect housing prices?  These are just some of the questions that were addressed.

Michael Bernstein, ED Clean Prosperity

Our Keynote Speaker Michael Bernstein, Executive Director of Canadians for Clean Prosperity  provided a non-partisan overview of various proposals for carbon tax in Canada and its implications for the home building industry. The audience raised questions and got answers to help navigate your company through the changing carbon climate in Canada.  Following the presentation and dinner we played a fun interactive Q&A “game” where each of us had to examine what we really thought about some of the issues raised. What is the best way to change behavior? What really is the building industry’s contribution to global warming? And what can we do about it?

Read the interview with Michael in Better Builder magazine- Clean and Green on page 13.