Our Story

The Genesis of the Sustainable Housing Foundation

John Godden, one of Canada’s foremost experts on Green Building practices, based on 20 years experience as a sustainable builder and green energy evaluator, started witnessing some significant barriers to sustainable building in Canada.

In the fall of 2008, John spearheaded an initiative designed to bring industry stakeholders together to engage and support sustainable builders. The goal was to construct 50 homes that all had 50% greater energy efficiency when compared to a home built to the 2006 Ontario Building Code. The program was named the “Green is 50 Challenge”. Designed as an industry based pilot project, the Challenge partnered supporting manufacturers and suppliers with new home builders, local utilities and municipalities. To read more about the challenge, please click here: Green is 50 Challenge.

Due to the success of the Green is 50 Challenge in bringing industry stakeholders together to achieve a common goal, John Godden teamed with Lenard Hart to create the Sustainable Housing Foundation. Their early objective was to build capacity within the industry in order to “tip the playing field” in favour of sustainable building.

John Godden, SHF Founder & Board Member