Our Successes

How We’re Making a Difference

We’re here to make a difference. We select our programs and events based on their ability to deliver our strategic priorities. A listing of our events and programs are shown below.


We have held a series of events over the past three years as part of our ongoing programs.
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Creating competition is one of the best ways to change behaviour and to build awareness. The competition can be against a standard, or against a another party:

  • The Cross Border Challenge is a friendly competition between Canadian and US builders.
  • The Green is 50 Challenge, asked a number of leading Canadian builders to construct 50 homes that are 50% more efficient in total household energy use, than homes constructed to meet the 2006 Ontario Building Code.
  • The Green Realtors Challenge was designed to test the abilities of Toronto Realtors in selling “Green” homes.
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A Charrette is defined as: “a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to map solutions and resolve conflicts”. We hold design Charrettes for new sustainable housing developments. These help stakeholders to understand the role of sustainability in the development and helps chart a course for future planning.
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Sustainable Builder Magazine

The Sustainable Housing Foundation is proud to list Sustainable Builder Magazine as a sponsor. In addition, the SHF is a regular contributor of content to the magazine. To learn more about Sustainable Builder Magazine, to advertise, or to sign up for a subscription:
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