Sustainable Builders Leadership Team

Join the Sustainable Builders Leadership Team

Many builders have invested in energy and green certifications such as Energy Star, R-2000, EnerGuide for New Homes and LEED to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. While these programs have the right intent, the process, conditions and continual changes are making them unpredictable.

“Sustainability cannot happen if a sustainable approach is not found that works for all the parties involved.”

There was great interest among the group of builders who attended the Builders Forum November 17th to participate in the Sustainable Builders Leadership Team to work together and collaborate on developing an alternative, stable approach to building and labelling green housing. The Sustainable Housing Foundation is interested in facilitating the initiation of the Leadership Team.

Why are Builders Joining?

Watch “Leadership in the Face of Unknown Change” Paul Golini, Empire Communities and Chair of BILD.

Meeting Topics and Presentations


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