Take Action: Book a Home Energy Audit

Take Action: Book a Home Energy Audit today!

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What is a Home Energy Audit?

A whole house energy audit is the first step toward increasing your home’s energy efficiency and comfort is to conduct a whole house energy audit.

At its most basic, your home is a big box that protects you from the weather and maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Two components in your home – the building enclosure and the mechanical systems – are at the heart of what makes your home operate efficiently while providing maximum comfort.

Benefits of doing a home energy audit:

  • save money and the environment
  • reduce your annual utility bills
  • make your home more comfortable year round
  • improve your home’s resale value
Hire a Professional Certified Energy Advisor

A home energy audit or assessment conducted by a professional Certified Energy Advisor comes with a fee, but will provide the additional information you need to make informed decisions about your energy and water efficiency upgrades. An assessment will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time. Energy assessments pinpoint where your house is losing energy and also determines the efficiency of your home’s mechanical systems. A professional Certified Energy Advisor uses a variety of techniques and equipment to determine the energy efficiency of a structure.

A home energy audit will include:

  • An inspection – basement-to-attic assessment of your home’s insulation, the existing heating and cooling systems, water heating, ventilation, water fixture and other energy uses, as well as an analysis of your existing utility costs.
  • A “blower door” test is performed to detect air leaks and drafts – by depressurizing the home with a large fan and then measuring airflow into the home, the overall air leakage of the entire home can be measured. The test can also be used to determine the location of leaks.
  • Personalized Upgrade Recommendations – an Energy and Water Efficiency Evaluation Report personalized to your home and your priorities.

Other building performance tests:

Thermal Imaging – measures surface temperatures using infrared cameras and creates a visual image of heat loss. The cameras detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Typically, warmer surfaces appear brighter, and cooler surfaces appear darker. The images can reveal where walls, ceilings or floors are inadequately insulated or where windows and doors aren’t well sealed.

Duct pressure test – will identify the area and location of leaks in the duct system. A related ‘balance’ test of the heating ducts determines if the right amount of air is flowing to each room for comfort and efficiency.

Heat pumps and A/C commissioning – a set of tests that confirm the systems have the correct air flow and refrigerant charge. Equipment may have been sized using only rules of thumb, which can mean poor performance and durability.

Find a Natural Resources of Canada (NRCan) Service Organization in your area to book your home energy audit

You can hire these service organizations, and they will send an energy advisor to evaluate your home. The service organizations listed on the NRCan website are licensed to deliver NRCan’s residential energy evaluation service. Please note that all service organizations set their own prices.

Find a Certified Energy Advisor in your area