Markham Energy Retrofit Program

Community Energy Conservation Project in the
City of Markham
Partner incentives:
Direct Energy
Natural Resources of Canada
The Sustainable Housing Foundation
The Sustainable Housing Foundation is a proud partner of the Community Energy Conservation Project spearheaded by Enbridge Gas Distribution.

Complete with energy expertise, helpful tools, valuable incentives, and a contest, the Community Energy Conservation Project makes it easy and affordable for you to understand and improve the energy efficiency of your home, lower your energy bills and lessen your home’s impact on the environment.

If you are in the City of Markham L3P postal code area, get started with an energy evaluation by calling 1-866-633-1549.For more information, see Markham: Know Your Score

All of the partners including Scotiabank, Direct Energy, Powerstream, Lowe’s and SHF share a commitment to green initiatives and are committed to bringing Ontario homeowners an end-to-end energy conservation program – complete with energy expertise, helpful tools and valuable incentives.

Incentives offered could help you save as much as $3,000 with this program.

How SHF is contributing.

SHF is pleased to lend our expertise and resources to the Community Energy Conservation Project by providing:

  • Sustainability expertise to support the Direct Energy home energy evaluators
  • Helping you understand your evaluation report and recommended upgrades
  • Providing a list of approved contractors – to help you implement your retrofits

Helping Markham homeowners make eco upgrades.

1) Recently, SHF partnered with Scotiabank to launch the EcoLiving Home Energy Savings Calculator. The calculator provides a quick, easy assessment of your home energy use by asking questions about your home, from its age and size to types of appliances and heating fuel. Using the answers, the tool generates a list of energy- and water-saving projects personalized to your circumstances, including details on money savings and payback time. More information on each upgrade can be found here.

2) Review 2 example case studies of two homes in Markham. The majority of houses in the L3P postal code of Markham are between 15-35 years old. Houses in this age range (that have not been upgraded), tend to use excessive amounts of energy and water to operate. This not only negatively impacts the environment; it is also very expensive for your pocketbook.

By making energy efficient upgrades to your home, you can expect significant savings right away, and you’ll be protecting yourself against furture energy price increases.

See how one family is saving almost $4,000 a year.

To give you an idea of how much you could save by retrofitting your home, read the Bell family’s story.

“Several months after moving into a home in midtown Toronto, John Bell and his family are pocketing $325 per month in energy savings. “That’s the real sell on green—it pays instantly,” says Bell. In a best-case scenario, the home’s green elements will have paid for themselves in seven to eight years; after that, it’s all profit.” > Read more.

To learn more about this renovation, visit Celebrating a Canadian Renovation Success Story