Community Retrofit Programs

Scotiabank and SHF are partnering to bring FutureProofing to Canadians to improve existing homes and communities across the country.

The “FutureProofing” Concept

Whether buying new or renovating an existing home, home buyers and homeowners can make a sound investment, both financial and environmental by choosing a “FutureProofed” home which means investing in home energy and water efficiency that insulate them against future energy cost increases.

We estimate that paybacks on high impact features like efficient mechanical systems will be less than 6 years given the estimated electricity price increases. All Canadians will benefit from an immediate and positive impact to the Environment as Canadian homes become increasingly sustainable.

Step 1: Home Energy Saving Calculator

With Scotiabank’s support in 2011, the SHF undertook the development of the Home Energy Savings Calculator. Homeowners can use this tool to understand where they can make improvements to their home and the potential savings these improvements will generate.

This tool is the first step towards homeowner engagement and provides us a platform to initiate our FutureProofing program by enabling the next steps involving homeowner action, measuring and broadcasting results achieved through generating awareness, capacity and leadership.

Step 2: Community Retrofit Programs

Our next step is to bring FutureProofing to Communities. Through broad public awareness, educational tools and training required for homeowner action, measuring and broadcasting results achieved.

  • AWARENESS – raise awareness through educating Canadians of their FutureProofing opportunity.
  • CAPACITY – develop tools and training to narrow the existing knowledge gap in the marketplace.
  • LEADERSHIP – use a grassroots approach to engage and motivate communities and through a network of community eco-ambassadors to lead by example, challenge, and motivate all Canadians to follow.

Community Programs

  • City of Markham – SHF and Scotiabank have partnered with Enbridge and other leading companies to bring a Community Energy Conservation Project to the L3P postal code area in Markham, Ontario.
  • Beaches Community, Toronto – stay tuned for further details