Existing Homes

Sustainability of Existing Homes, Upgrades and Renovations

There are more than $6.5 Million existing homes in Canada, many of which are over 30 years old and use excessive amounts of energy and water to operate. This unnecessary use of energy and water not only negatively impacts the environment, it is also very expensive for homeowners. The SHF has several programs working with Renovators to help educate and encourage improvements to the sustainability of Canada existing homes.

Renovators Forum

An increasing number of home renovators are interested in helping their clients make their homes more sustainable. This offers a number of benefits to homeowners:

  • Reduced costs – Access to government grants, and lower ongoing energy and water costs
  • A more comfortable and a healthier home
  • A more sustainable home, which means reduced impact on the environment

To help facilitate the education of home renovators and to help remove barriers to sustainable home renovations, the SHF is creating the Home Renovators Forum. To learn more, click here: Home Renovators Forum.

Scotiabank EcoLiving Partnership

The SHF is proud to announce it’s partnership with Scotiabank EcoLiving. The following is an excerpt from the EcoLiving Website. You’ll quickly understand why it makes sense for the SHF to partner with Scotiabank.

“At Scotiabank, we believe that we can all benefit from making environmentally friendly choices. That’s why Scotiabank’s EcoLiving program is Canada’s go-to resource to help homeowners save money by reducing their energy bills and taking advantage of government rebates for making green home improvements.”EcoLiving Website

To learn more about the SHF’s partnership with Scoiabank, please click here: Scotiabank EcoLiving