New Homes

Our Work in the New Home Market

Approximately 100,000 new homes are built in Canada every year. However, only 15% of those homes are currently being built to standards that result in a high level of environmental sustainability. There is obviously a large gap that needs to be closed, and this is one of our top strategic priorities.

We engage new home builders, municipalities and manufacturers to help build awareness and encourage the creation of more sustainable housing developments.

Sustainable Builders Leadership Team

We initiated the Sustainable Builders Leadership Team to work together and collaborate on developing an alternative, stable approach to building and labelling green housing. To learn more, click here: Sustainable Builders Leadership Team.

Municipal Engagements

The Sustainable Housing Foundation is dedicated to being an objective third party information source to municipalities. In this way we can facilitate discussions between sustainable builders and the municipalities where they are building new homes. To learn more, or to find out how we can help, click here: Municipal Engagement.