Our Priorities

We’re dedicated to improving the sustainability of homes in Canada. To identify the best opportunities for real change, we use an annual strategic planning process to define our objectives and strategic priorities.

3 Year Strategic Plan

Our strategic direction falls into three broad categories:

  • Streamlining the Green Building Process
  • Breaking down silos between key green industry stakeholders
  • Building capacity amongst sustainable home builder and renovators
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New Homes

Anthony Martelli, Greepark Homes; Corey McBurney, EnerQuality; Gary Botelho, Empire Communities ; John Godden, Clearpsphere; A

We’re working with Canada’s new home builders to help them think and build more sustainably. Our programs are designed to increase the percentage of homes that meet sustainability standards beyond the current level of 15%.

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Renovators of Canada’s existing homes represent a key opportunity to improve home energy and water consumption. We are working with renovators to facilitate greater sustainability.

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Creating competition is one of the best ways to change behaviour and to build awareness. The competition can be to beat a certain standard, or can be directly against a another party.

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We are working with the Building Science groups at several Canadian Schools.

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