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Toronto Green Homes Summit

January 28, 2015

SHF was very pleased to sponsor the Toronto Green Homes Summit organized by the Toronto chapter of the Canada Green Building Council.  This full day event focused on how to market sustainable homes to Canadians: what are the challenges and what are the successes.  The Toronto Star New in Homes covered the event and really captured the essence of the day.

View the Toronto Star article.

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Edmonton Forum: An Alternative Path to Near-Zero Housing

January 28, 2015

A room full of Edmonton area builders, designers and others interested in learning more about using the HERS scale to bring your new homes to “near zero”. John Godden facilitated a lively discussion.  So much so, that the Sustainable Housing Foundation is looking to partner with an Alberta builder to complete a “near zero” demonstration home through its affiliated partner Project FutureProof. Steps are being taken to recruit an innovative builder who will work with us and with our partner manufacturers to really showcase a sustainable near zero home in Alberta.

If you missed the focus group have a look at the Edmonton Focus Group Handout. If you are a builder and want more information about how to get involved with our pilot project please contact our office by Email.

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‘Better Than Code’ video launch dinner

Wednesday November 19, 2014

Despite the first snow storm of the season over 40 people showed up for this dinner event.  Some came from as far away as Cambridge and Stoney Creek- thank you to everyone who braved the GTA roads to attend the dinner event. A great cross section of builders, architects and designers, consultants, energy raters and municipal staff.  First and foremost this was a networking event and secondly it gave SHF the opportunity to showcase the new Better Than Code video.

We are excited about the response we have been getting to this streamlined, easily understood approach to creating homes that are more sustainable and “better than code.”  Municipal staff love it because it is less cumbersome to administer; builders love it because it takes into account all home components, and gives them some flexibility in achieving targets.  Designers and architects love it because it is easy to explain to the homeowner and energy savings are clearly calculatable.

If you missed the dinner, take the time now to watch the video or download the Better Than Code Introduction  presentation that John Godden and John Bell delivered at the dinner.

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Halifax Green Home Summit

Halifax, October 3, 2014

John Godden, Founding Director of the Sustainable Housing Foundation, just returned from Halifax where he attended the Green Homes Summit- Atlantic Region.  John was very impressed with the day’s events, especially the Keynote speaker Chris Higgins.  “Vancouver has set the bar high for builders to build sustainable homes. They have managed to create a real green economy, something that the Sustainable Housing Foundation is working on as well.”  John was pleased to hear that Toronto has invited Chris to Keynote their Summit in January.  John, a 30-year veteran of the sustainable building industry in Canada comments that even he learned something from the workshops offered in Halifax!

The Sustainable Housing Foundation is a lead sponsor of all three Green Home Summits and is looking forward to attending the Toronto and Edmonton events in the New Year.

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New Video Promotes Better Than Code Energy Testing

The Sustainable Housing Foundation has produced two new videos that explain why using the HERS index to measure a home’s efficiency is an easier way to achieve a Better Than Code rating on a home. The first video is aimed at Builders who are building new homes and looking at an alternative way to measure the home’s energy efficiency.

Better Than Code-Builders

This second video is aimed at Municipal officials who are looking for ways to help the builders in their municipality achieve better than code energy efficiencies.

Better Than Code- Municipal

Both videos clearly demonstrate the benefits of the HERS index.  More information about the HERS scale can be found on the CRESNET (Canadian Residential Energy Services Network) website.

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Green Builder Challenge™ Awarded to MyHaven Green Vision Homes

On Thursday June 26, 2014 John Godden, Vice-Chair of the Sustainable Housing Foundation, presented Paul Caverly of MyHaven GreenVision Homes with the Award for the Green Builder Challenge which is given to projects that achieve 50% better than code in energy efficiency.

Paul Caverly Awarded

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Engaging Sustainable Communities Event

On June 26, 2014 over 100 people attended a full day Forum focused on how to engage communities in undertaking sustainable upgrades to their homes.  The day featured 10 different speakers presenting their work in different communities around Toronto. Have a look at the Final Program here.  The afternoon focused on what tools are available to help move people toward more sustainable decisions for their homes.  Included in the afternoon session was a presentation by John Bell, SHF President, on the newly released Energy Calculator available on the Scotiabank Eco Living website.  This tool helps homeowners easily decide which upgrades they should do on their home, what the estimated cost is and most importantly, what the pay back is.

Featured speakers included Prof. Dan McGillivray from Ryerson University who spoke about the future of electricity, its distribution challenges and what we need to be doing now to ensure adequate delivery in the future.   Sonya Pershram is a researcher/ consultant who has been foundational in bringing Local Improvement Charges as a tool for municipalities to encourage and help homeowners finance energy upgrades.  John Godden, President of CRESNET and a founding board member of SHF, gave an impassioned talk about the tools available to professionalize an independent energy raters industry.

Where speakers have agreed, we have posted their presentations for your information.

Keynote Presentation Ronn Stevenson Knowledge Map

CMHC Equilibrium Communities Summary

CMHC Resources 2014

Toronto’s HELP Program

The Future of Electricity

Local Improvement Charges Sonya Persram

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Tour of SHF President’s LEED Silver Home

June 2, 2014

About 30 delegates from the Green Building Council conference had a side trip to north Toronto for a guided tour of the Bell home. John Bell, President of the Board for the Sustainable Housing Foundation, showed a slide show of the extensive renovation to this 1970’s house that has resulted in some innovative features that have cut his energy bills extraordinarily.

Bell House Living Room

Living Room

The modern design of this beautiful family home belies the hidden wonders of the sustainable components built into the home.  From solar voltaic to waste water heat recovery and a state of the art grey water recycling system this home has it all.

For more information on the house, read the article from BEC Green.

waste water heat recovery

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Enbridge Launches an Energy Retrofit Program in Markham

Enbridge Launches an Energy Retrofit Program in Markham

Enbridge Gas Distribution and the City of Markham have partnered with leading businesses in Ontario to bring homeowners in the L3P postal code area an end-to-end energy conservation solution.

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EcoLiving Launches the Home Energy Savings Calculator

EcoLiving Launches the Home Energy Savings Calculator

April 20, 2012

The Sustainable Housing Foundation is proud to launch the EcoLiving Home Energy Savings Calculator.

Developed in partnership with Scotiabank EcoLiving and the Sustainable Housing Foundation, the tool offers sound financial advice and simultaneously good for the environment. The new online tool arms homeowners with a tailored list of energy and water saving recommendations based on the estimated costs for the upgrade, the annual utility savings and the break-even period in years when the improvement pays for itself.

“It used to be cost-prohibitive to make environmental upgrades but water and gas prices are getting so high that these retrofits are now smart investments,” says Craig Backman, Former Chair of the Sustainable Housing Foundation.

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