Past Strategic Plans

2011 Core Objectives (1 to 3 years)

In the next one to three years, the Sustainable Housing Foundation will focus our initiatives on meeting the needs of production builders and renovators through integration, innovation and high quality services.


New Construction and Renovations
Establish alternatives that will maintain or increase sustainable housing improvements following the 2012 code and certification changes.

Marketing and Selling Sustainable Homes
Develop programs that will assist with the marketing and selling of “green” features, increasing market awareness and relationships between builders, manufactures and lenders.

Financial, Administration and Governance

Develop a funding strategy that will acquire stable, broad based financial and non-financial resources that will support the programs/services and growth envisioned.

Increase the visibility and awareness of the Sustainable Housing Foundation to make sure that the organization is highly recognized, is sought after for unbiased information and attractive to funders.

Develop collaborations and relationships with funders, key associations, organizations and technical experts across Canada that will benefit our constituents, our services and the overall credibility of the organization.